Booking of Individual services for the current day and day-ahead.
Information on individual services for the current day,
 as of 12.06.2021
  Free current day (D) withdrawal capacity:       3 423 135 cm/day  
  Free current day (D) injection capacity:       56 576 864 cm/day  
Information on individual services for the day-ahead,
 as of 13.06.2021 року:
  Free day-ahead (D+1) withdrawal capacity:       0 cm/day  
  Free day-ahead (D+1) injection capacity:       91 729 180 cm/day  
           Individual day-ahead injection/withdrawal services shall be provided on the basis of a valid gas storage (injection, withdrawal) agreement and under the terms of submission of nominations in accordance with Section ІХ  of the Gas Storage Facilities Code.
  Individual services are provided depending on the technical capabilities of the gas storage facilities and taking into account already allocated capacity.